School Schedule

1- School timing during summer will be : For Classes PG & Nursery: 08:50 AM To 12:30 PM. For Classes LKG To X : 07:50 AM To 01:30 PM.

2- All working Saturday will be regular school timings.

3- Last working Saturday for the month will be holiday for Class PG To X.

4- Students should reach the school campus before 5 min. of school timings.

6- No child is allowed to leave the school premises until the school get over. Permission will be granted only in case of emergencies.

7- Parents should send the written application, if they want their servant/ driver/ cousin to pick up their child only after the school get over.

8- Children cannot change their bus even for a single day without prior information and written application to the bus incharge/school help desk.

School Uniform

1- It is compulsory for all the students to follow regular school timings.

2- It is compulsory for all the students to come in proper school uniform.

3- Uniform should always be neat & clean as well as proper ironed.

4- Sports uniform will be followed on wednessday and friday.

School Security

1- Parents should send a written note with their signature if their relative/Servant/driver is coming to pick the ward.

2- After school verification child will be relieved from school.

3- Campus is secured by CCTV cameras and gaurds no strangers are allowed in School premises without permission.