ARYAN SCHOOL OF SANSKAR Hold the core values of child creation, innovation, mutual respect and commitment to excellence firmly which form the foundation. On Which we perform and conduct ourselves.

Elementary School

आरंभ (Aarambh)

Nursery, LKG, UKG

Children here are encouraged to explore their environment; while they are being taught basic concepts in language, Mathematics, Computer, Art and Craft, dance and music.In the elementary school teachers evaluations and assessments are continuous and ongoing and are deemed sufficient to mark student’s progress.


Running classes I to IV

School aim to build on the child’s growing spirit of discovery and exploration. It emphasis sound language skills, mathematical concepts and scientific fundamentals.

The children are encouraged to develop good study habits and a love of learning.Appraisal of a child progress based on continuous assessment and day to day observation in the class,worksheets, participation in activities, class work and homework.


( सीढ़ी )

Third stage of education to build the future for class V to VIII, as well as the detailing of History,Geography, Economics, Chemistry,

Biology as separate subjects and all the examinations.


( शिखर)

Running classes I to IV

Fourth stage of education of senior school is where early life lesson are put to test. Rigorous practice and study techniques with special emphasis on analysis and conceptualization are woven in to curriculum as students prepare to appear for their CBSE examination.